Hard work

New Born Pups

Smiling     Sitting Pretty

Posing for the camera

Nap Time

White pup

Masked pup     Masked pup 2

Say Cheese

Puppy Scramble

Masked pup 3     Masked pup 4

Fluffy white pup     You called?

Now, where IS that zebra?

Masked pup 5     Masked pup 6

Masked pup 7

Puppies Sitting Pretty

Sweetness     Pup & Kitty nap     Look at us!


Guarding the food dish     Time to explore

Nice little goat


Playing in the mud     Napping

Wake me at 6

Lamb lookalikes

Here's looking at you!

Puppy love     Yes, I'll be your pillow

Hanging out under the shade


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